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There is a lot of discussion regarding the fair payment of writers and performers of music that is being streamed.

Tips To Help You Sell Your CD's and to GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD !

Before You Make Your CD.

1. Make a Full Color Front. Color helps sales. 
2. Put at least 12 cuts on your cd. 
3. Get a permanent e-mail address and place it on the tray card, 
in the liner notes and on the CD - make it EASY for people to contact you. 
4. Put your web address and a snail mail address on all of the above. 
(We get many many CDs sent to us with no contact info except on the paper work 
and sometimes it's not on that either) - and remember that often CDs get 
separated from their cases so make it easy to find you from the CD itself. 
5. Include your picture somewhere on the cover or in the liner notes. 
6. Make sure all instruments are IN TUNE and all singers are singing ON KEY ! 
7. Get a Barcode and print it on the cd package - preferably on the tray card itself.

After You Make Your CD.

1. Make sure every web page on your web site has a correct META.
2. Place the cd on your web site with at least three short sound clips.
(Two minutes is enough)

3. Place your cd on logo
(Free)(you will need the bar code to be included on Amazon) 4. Place it in CD Baby ($35.00 one time charge) 5. Place it in The Dynamic Music Store ($35.00 one time charge) 6. Place it in The Carousel Mall (Free) 7. List in on E-Bay Use the instant sale option. (Almost Free) 8. Join Music Submit
9. Get a Paypal account. Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 11. Sign up for world wide air play at WDYN Radio. (Free) 12. Send WDYN a 30 to 40 second Promo Clip. We love them and it gets you more air play. 13. Place your web address on all of the above. 14. If you need help with any of the above e-mail: Dynamic Dave